Website Security Service

Our main features which guarantee website security and business continuity after a breach of your site.

Website Penetration Testing

We penetrate your websites security before hackers do and report back to your a detailed report on what vulnerabilities we have found along with steps you should take in order to strengthen the security of your site.
Our security experts with strong background in website malware removal will help you remove malicious scripts and backdoors from your site and secure it.
We make sure your site wont get hacked again by initially removing the malware and by hardening its security.

Website Security Monitor

We actively monitor your websites security by scanning it regularly for malware and blacklist warnings. We also monitor your DNS records and SSL certificate for any malicious changes that were not approved or made by you.

Website Uptime Monitor

Our website uptime monitor can help you detect downtime and also traffic surges on your site and alert you via email or SMS. Know when there is a traffic spike on your site or when its loading slowly with instant alerts.
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