Website Malware Removal Service

We repair and clean hacked websites while also securing them so it doesn’t happen again.

Rest assured you are in good hands as we have a dedicated incident response team to remove the malware from your site.

Along with our excellent 24/7/365 customer support, to help you with your infected website any day of the week at any time.

All our plans are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee because no website malware is too tough or us to remove.

Fixing hacked websites

Remove Website Malware

We safely remove all malicious code from your websites files and database.
Making your website function and secure again.

Repair SEO damage

Our security team removes all traces of SEO spam like pharma, replica, etc.
So that your website’s reputation will be restored in the eyes of the search engines.

Unlimited Website Cleanups

We protect you for a whole year providing unlimited website malware removal.
This is done automatically and manually by our security team.
All the cleaning process is done responsibly in order to not jeopardize your websites usability and to avoid downtime.

Blacklist Removal

We remove the website blacklisted warning from your site in search engines, anti-virus software and online blacklist databases.

Secure website against future attacks

After a website is hacked what you want is for a breach to never happen again.
This is why we provide security monitoring along with guidance on how to better secure your website against future attacks.

Platforms we support

Our security team specializes in WordPress malware removal along with all major open source CMS like Joomla, Drupal, forums and all PHP based web applications.
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Malware Removal Process

  • Request for website cleanup

    As soon as we get your malware removal request, depending on your plan our incident response team will begin disinfecting your website.
    All that is required by you in order to begin the cleanup process is one of the following connections to your site: FTP/SFTP or cPanel login credentials which you can get from your hosting provider.

  • Quarantine of all infected files

    We backup and quarantine the infected files in order to have a restore point of your website.
    All files are deleted after the successful website cleanup as we put your privacy above all.

  • Website Security Scanning

    Our security team begins scanning and removing from your website all malicious scripts, backdooors and all types of website malware.
    The whole malware removal process time varies on the severity of the hack and its complexity.
    No malware is too tough or complicated for us to remove and we will never bill you extra for its difficulty to remove.

  • Complete Malware Removal

    After the website is clean we provide a detailed report on how to further secure your website so it doesn’t get hacked again.
    We guide you through the process of hardening your websites security and resilience with an advanced vulnerability report and what you need to do.

Need help? Contact our support team 24/7 at [email protected]